Welcome to the website of Michael DePetrillo

So what am I up to 🤔

  • Mastering Ethereum 🇪🇹 , Typescript 🧙, Blockchain Development 🔮
  • Living as a Digital Nomad 👣 in Central Mexico, South East Asia, with sights on Eastern Europe and South America.
  • Being a present Nerd ☮️

Where to find me 👀

  • Resume

    Looking to build decentralized and community owned blockchain protocols. Focused on play-to-earn games and smart contracts.

  • Twitter

    If I'm on social media, it's probably Crypto Twitter.

  • GitHub

    Most of my contract work is private, but will be working on publishing more open source projects focused on DeFi.

  • Digital Nomad

    Love to travel and meet up with other nomads in search of the perfect remote office.

  • Facebook

    For sharing personal events with friends and family.